Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year (starting off on the right foot)

This upcoming year (2010) is only 3 days in but looks to be a promising one. On only day three I racked up my longest training run towards my 4th 100 mile ultra in February. Although the run was only 21 miles it was unusually tough due to the piss poor weather we experience here most Januaries. Today was partly sunny with a high around 7, that means frozen water bottles and many layers of clothes. Despite all this, my run was good and my legs feel great. I'm also looking forward to competing in my 2nd Canadian Death race. This year will be a much shorter trip than the last as I don't have 2.5 weeks vacation for this one race but my parents will once again crew for me and I have high hopes for a great finish. I'm much less excited about trainer riding now, but I know that I must if I'm going to accomplish my goals for Ironman WI this year. CycleOps is a new sponsor and I really want to race well for myself and for them. The great thing is they have many intense one hour workouts so I can get my workout in before I get board. : ) Disney marathon in only 1 week away. With the cold weather I was not able to get all (any) speed workouts in but if my race is as good as my training runs I should get close to qualifying for Boston which I've decided is worth the extra effort. So there is lots of exciting stuff to look forward to and with 26 miles under my belt so far, I think I'm starting off on the right foot.

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